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Cultivation Assistant

Job ID: 12092
Company: NorCal
Location: San Francisco, CA
Salary: TBD
Number of Vacancy: 3
Employment Type: Contractor
Posted: 30+ days ago
Deadline: 02 Nov, 2019

Job Description:

NorCal Cannabis Co. (NCC) is one of California’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies, with operations ranging from seed to store. In every facet of our business we maintain our relationship with cannabis as a force for good. We commit to professionalism, integrity, respect, and high standards of productivity. NCC requires a diverse team of exceptional individuals to meet our objectives and achieve our goals. Summary of Position: Cultivation Assistants are involved extensively in the day to day attention of our plants.

Job Requirements:

NCC Culture and Mission Our Belief: Cannabis is a Plant for Good ❖ Throughout its history, cannabis has always been a plant for good. We are proud to create brands, products, and content that enhance the awareness of cannabis as a force for good, wellness, and fun. Our Foundation: Strong Roots, Bright Future ❖ Our foundation is defined by the following: ➢ The Plant: We regard the rich history between human beings and cannabis as coevolution that helped shape agricultural cultivation, natural medicine, and human consciousness. ➢ The People: We respect one another, helping others succeed, collaborating on outcomes, drawing from diversity, contributing to our communities, and having fun. ➢ The Reciprocity: We do the right thing, and maintain high ethical standards from seed to store. Our business only thrives when we know we are involved in the betterment of people’s lives. ➢ The Journey: Our backgrounds range in their diversity, bound in our trust in one another and our collective belief that cannabis will change the world for the better. Assistant Cultivation tasks include (but are not limited to): Maintaining a clean and organized working environment Routine and frequent sterilization of cultivation tools, measuring cups, floors, horticultural tables, etc. Maintaining garden needs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and harvest batch basis Maintaining a consistent harvest/production schedule for multiple cultivars in multiple flowering environs Cloning and propagation Blending soils and soilless mediums Brewing and maintaining compost teas as appropriate to plant cycles & plant needs; Transplanting Nutrient Recipes, reservoir and stock tank maintenance Feeding plants according to schedule Defoliation and general canopy maintenance Transitioning from vegetative to flowering Monitoring EC (ppm) & pH levels in both nutrient reservoirs & planted media Foliar feeding and IPM sprays Monitoring and maintaining ideal CO2 en
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