The Decriminalization of Marijuana Use by the Israeli Government

The Israeli government approved a new sanction for marijuana users. Though the personal usage of cannabis is still illegal in the country, it is still considered as a big change. Marijuana has been prohibited in Israel for a long time compared to other countries. It is somewhat a new step for a bigger and brighter future for marijuana law in Israel. Here’s what marijuana users should know about this new policy.

Small Steps

This step is somewhat considered as a small step and it would be beneficial for marijuana users. The Holy Land is one of the places where marijuana is banned for a long time. Since it’s unlawful, people who have been caught usually face serious charges. However, the sanction has been lowered down when the Israeli government approved it. It is showing that marijuana users are not criminals.

The Fine

Most of the time, marijuana users that were caught will face criminal charges. With the new policy, people who have been foundusing cannabis will start paying the fine instead of facing the criminal charges. For first offense, they have to pay the fine of 1,000 shekels or $270. The amount for the second offense will be doubled. The third offense will be a forced trial period for the user.

Police will only press criminal charges on the fourth time marijuana usersspotted using it in public. A person who possesses cannabis will also face criminal charges.

The Decision

The new policy created a buzz for the people of Israel. Some of them agreed on it but not all of them. The two active lawmakers for cannabis in Israel had different thoughts. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, SharrenHaskel, stated that it may be an important step but it is still considered as a decriminalization. Since cannabis users can still face serious criminal charges if caught.

The Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stated that it is an essential step. According to Erdan, it is a better way to treat people and educate them. He formed the committee for investigating personal consumptionof cannabis in July. The decision may be a small step but it will change surely change the community.

Erdan is a supporter of decriminalization of marijuana in Israel. If the government will adopt the initiative of Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, it may end the long antiquity of criminal prohibition for it. Tamar Zandberg also welcomes the decision and does not oppose to that. The Israeli government will create an inter-ministerial board for the implantation of the new policy which will be submitted on March 7.

The plan is only applicable for people who are using cannabis for personal or recreational purpose. Buying, producing and selling are still forbiddenin Israel.

Opinions and Possible Outcome

This is considered as a first step for the law of marijuana in Israel. Tamar Zandberg said that it may be an important step but it is not the end. A lot of issues and policiesare still to come and the government will investigate and examine everything clearly. The new policy is a message for the people of Israeli that not all cannabis users are criminal.

The government will still study the ways and rules on how they can regulate the use of marijuana in Israel. And it does not mean that the country will have a style like the Netherlands or Amsterdam where coffee shops are available. There are still rules and regulations that people needs to follow in order to keep the peace.

Knowing that the Holy Land is slowly accepting the fact that there are a lot of changes when it comes to its use is good for the people. There’s still a long road that we will take and we are ready for it.


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