Police Officers Raid Legal Patient Cannabis Exchange

A raid was executed on a marijuana exchange program being conducted in this state in an attempt to search for illegal drug activities.

Wintesses who were at the Patient Cannabis Exchange have stated that officers from Pierce County Sheriff, Tacoma Police and the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), were roaming inside the market for eight hours.

This marijuana exchange program has been operating in an area where the law allows these medical marijuana users, with doctor’s prescriptions, to hand over their right to grow marijuana to a certain person.

Jay Mcneal, a security guard at the area, while being detained by the police, stated that the officers have taken everything from the people in the area, even the ones that were paid. He also added that the only people allowed to enter the area are patients who had to present their prescriptions, and are residents of the state of Washington.

Pictures of people sitting on the ground while the officers who conducted the raid are roaming around the marijuana exchange are circulating social media sites.  A lot of people are giving their two cents regarding the situation on both Twitter and Facebook, some are in support of the raid, and some are against it.

A citizen by the name of Matt Markovich has posted the question on the state’s purpose about the patients’ exchange or the state not getting taxes on the transaction on Twitter.

On a Facebook post, Makaveli de la Cruz, owner of the said Patient Cannabis Exchange, had stated he was confused about the raid because they are a private patient-only facility that has been operating marijuana exchange program for over five years and have never experienced a cease and desist order. Makaveli also added that there was no illegal activity taking place.

Witnesses have stated that the officers have asked for identification from the people in the area and had arrested some of them with apparent warrants.

 Other people were allowed to stay in the area, however; all drug paraphernalia and money were taken by the police.

The medical marijuana exchange program, which operates behind several businesses on Pacific Avenue South, happens to be the last known exchange in the state of Washington

A blogger named Miguel Miggy, or also known as Miggy 420, believes that the raid has been conducted by the LCB to check in on the medical marijuana exchange program since it does not pay taxes when exchanging medicine with other medical users.

Medical users say that marijuana is a medicine and should not be taxed at all.

Miguel Miggy mentions to Komonews that not one individual in the scene drives a Ferrari, or rich, and points out that these are just people who are trying to help each other out.

He also adds that the LCB was just trying to show the small firm what they could do so they will have an idea on what their competition might be. Various attempts to reach spokespeople for the LCB were unsuccessful as of the moment.

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