The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in Massachusetts

Masachussettes poses as one of the states that have a thriving marijuana market. With this, some lawmakers are pushing to finally legalize marijuana in the state. This motion has also caused the roar of the opposition. In looking into the effects of it in Massachussetts, which really does weigh more, the pros or the cons? This article will tackle the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.

Pros: Can Legalizing Marijuana Lead to its Regulation?

As has been mentioned, Masachussetts has a thriving marijuana market. All efforts in prohibiton made in the state on banning the use of marijuana have already failed. This is because more and more people are getting interested in consuming marijuana. This leads to more underground transactions. While authorities may be doing everything they can to control it, consumption cannot be totally put to a stop because of discreet transactions.

Having said this, allowingmarijuana with certain laws that need to be complied with is one of the proposed solutions. When itsusage isauthorized, thriving marijuana markets, can actually be controlled by imposing a regulated system and taxation. This is believed to be the right solution because of its effectivity in Colorado and other states.

Through taxation and a regulated system, federal employees, veterans and other patients in need of medical marijuana can be able to gain access to cannabis without having the fear of losing their benefits, and breaking th law. Moreover, since the thriving marijuana markets  in the state are usually controlled by criminals, a regulated system would then require street dealers to get license to be able to sell marijuana, while taxation can benefit the government in terms of the possible revenues.

Aside from that, requiring dealers to acquire a license to deal this herb can help authorities in tracking down and monitoring the people who are involved with the drug. This can lead to the dissolving of the black market.

Moreover, the motion to legalize marijuana is only an option for a smart public policy. Instead of wasting money to fund laws that are unsuccessful in stopping thriving marijuana markets, taxation that can be gained from marijuana use can benefit government through revenues. This can therefore lead to more projects that the government can do for the citizens.

Cons: Legalizing Marijuana can Damage the Health and Welfare of Citizens

While the pros of legalizing marijuana are mainly focused on possible revenues and regulation, the cons argue that decriminalizingcannabisuse can damage the health and welfare of the citizens of Masachusetts, and can acutally promote thriving marijuana markets.

Although it may be not intentionally, but legalizing marijuana markets can actually lead to its commercialization. With this, its advertising, promotion and sale of highly edible products can be made available in the public. These items can unknowingly be accessed by teenagers who start to gain curiosity.

While the markets may be regulated,  legalizing marijuana can actually lead to an inevitable increase in risky behavior caused by usage of marijuana. One of these is drugged driving deaths. These are effects that cannot be totally controlled when itis made available to the populace.

Moreover, this can also set in motionpeople being able to acquire cannabis seeds, therefore giving them the liberty of growing mini pot farms in their own gardens. While we may regulate through marijuana laws, manifestation of these regulations should be implemented to a maximum. This can defeat the purpose of requiring dealers to issue their own license, since no one will need dealers anymore. Not only will these increase thriving black markets, but this can also decrease property values for future use.

Whatever the decision may be on the case of legalizing marijuana in Masachusetts it is something that needs to be considered carefully. Each consideration and argument should be thought of thoroughly so as not to regret any final decisions being made as to what should be done with thriving black markets.


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