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London, Barnett
Budsgroup1 on Wicker, asks for bit coins. Sent some then says oh I can't sell a Q, must be a half oz, send more money.
Shady, asked for trust in sending money first, I was stupid. I figured that both sellers and buyers deserved protection.
ruhl7 (wikr)
Wickr; ruhl7
Wanted to be paid with Steam card and 'picture for verification'
Wickr; budstore74
Asked for Steam card; "get a steam card worth $70 and when my runner meets you, you will collect your stuff and hand him the card" Probably scam
Scammed payment with no delivery
Scammed payment with no delivery
Chicago, Cook County
Does not provide product
Uses classic scam techniques. Not a legitimate vendor. Only sees short term gain. If I would have known, i would simply give him money, if he's that broke.
anycunt who asks for cards
money orders
or money transfers for first time customers...they are full of scamming wont see your product/meds/dope ever!!!!....if youve doe this youve been scammed
fucking fucks are operating a scam to use our habit/addictions against get a message...they send you bud go fuck yeah send money....scammed
nsw prob worldwide
a real cucksocker ... another prepay card scammer.these fucks seem to be growing in numbers. dont fall for it kiddies.....they sound convincing , they are cunts
time wasting fuck wit, the old 1st deal must be pre pay then face ti face deals shit... you wont see him or your dope or money again
you cant tell
NEVER PREPAY FOR YOUR MEDS ... you wont see them ever....scammers prowl this site....they want prepay using cards/vouchers/money transfers ...DONT DO IT
ive had many run ins with scammers, ive never been scammed but i have drove a long way for nothing...they are clever well spoken and convincing, find a real dude who will meet you and do a de
bitcoin/western union/steam
scammers use these methods to RIP OFF people in need of meds ... they use our desperation to find a dealer to scam us DONT DO IT
ive met legit people on leafedin but be aware that MOST are fucking scammers....fuck them the parasites....they havent scammed me but ive read many nightmare stories here
Lfdin: ashgosh wickr:surry, streetpush, dankuniverse
Sydney, Surry Hills
Steam card and bank scammer, has the nerve to tarnish my korndogs username 3 posts ago. These screenshots kinda break his comments.
Overall trash cunt who tries to scam, stay away, then cant even take the loss properly. Has multiple accounts so watch out
Lfdin: Ashgosh wickr:surry, streetpush, dankuniverse
Sydney, Surry Hills
Steam card and bank to bank etc scammer. Msgs you a lot on leafedin pressuring you to go to wickr so you cant take screenshots unfortunately im not a fuckwit
I am korndogs the person that was called out 3 posts ago by the ashgosh cunt, these screenshots summarise everything whilst also proving that morons post incorrect... enjoy
Multiple Locations
Wickr: ruhl7
Stay away from this scammer
Charlotte, NC
100% SCAM: Bitcoin and Western Union transfers to Cameroon.
He wanted to go straight to text communication. He said for first time orders, cash upfront is required through Bitcoin or Western Union. I sent a Western Union money transfer to Christ-Aide
Sydney, Surry Hills
Had an hour long conversation on wickr with what seemed like a good bloke then bam smacks me with a only accept steam cards, contact his other wickr to test him then smacks me with a only ban
Columbia, SC
Moonrock, blue cheese, grand daddy purple, sour diesel, sliver haze, green crack, and vape cartridges. Made a big deal about what a big organization they are with 50 partners, a cashier, deli
Used text messaging with this #: 7204600318
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