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asks" Do you have bitcoin or ITunes card?"
( . Y . ) O O U
Susan M.
Enterprise AL
Stalker of killerbudz. Yes, I know who u are. U made me nervous, so I cx'd our mtg. & u got mad.
C'mon, this is insane. U know ur lying & my clients know I'm legit. Just stop this now. It's pathetic.
Wicker is now412
Scammer with steam cards
Susan 254-290-3096
Enterprise AL
Has been stalking killerbudz for months cuz I wouldn't meet to sell 2 her.
Runs a cleaning service in Enterprise, AL. Undercover cop or just batshit crazy? U decide!
bitch in AL
stalker of killerbudz - acted suspicious in texts so I wouldn't meet
Now trying to ruin me instead of just moving on to find another vendor! BATSHIT CRAZY!!!
bitch in AL
Crazy bitch who posts LIES abt killerbudz - Mad cuz I wouldn't meet her
CRAZY & has nothing better to do than to post lies about me all day! Glad I didn't meet, seeing how CRAZY she is!
bitch in AL
the bitch posting abt killerbudz has been stalking me for months, NEEDS MENTAL HELP!
She keeps making & canceling accts so she can keep it up. Never met her! All she knows is what I texted her abt myself. LYING ASS!
Northeast Pensacola
One more thing about her. I know the information about her because we smoked at our meeting. She became a blabbing fool.
Also talked about having bad eyesight due to faulty surgery. Had whiplash 3 times, and is from Michigan. She’s a thief. Aren’t you JV?
Arlington, VA
Phone number is : (901) 708-6802
100% a scam. Will try and get you to buy a itunes gift card and send a picture with all the information. Do NOT try and do business with 'kenda'. Thanks!
Northeast Pensacola
Says I’m making lies about her for months. Check it out. My account was started this month. ??? Let me tell you about her. Ready?
She’s an old white lady with short hair, disabled due to car injury, and doesn’t drive. I know this cause I met the bitch 2 weeks ago.
wickr: budapestdope
I wish I knew who posted dealers are fake in treasure coast. I’m real and I’m in Melbourne florida.
I’m the only one with 3 reviews grow a pair and message me ill do a legit deal today dumb moron, don’t effect my business unless you’re absolutely sure.
Obviously scammers will flock to an area that is claimed to be legitimate.
Those posts are old... Things change daily, look for vendors with actual reviews. #didyoureallytry
Asshole LIAR
Lame-ass LIAR I NEVER MET, pissed cuz killerbudz wouldn't meet w/her suspicious ass
Now out to get me, says my reviews are lies, then says "I BET they're fake," cuz she's LYING. Contact my reviews for truth! Same ass has been posting lies abt me for months. Must have nothing
STIMS is a cooperating informant from Melrose Park Illinois looking to bust anyone to keep himself out of jail. Be very careful.
He was busted with weed pills extasy and a gun. He had a 250k bond and couldnt pay it. Then the judge lowered it to 2500 and he posted 5.00.
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