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Avoid this people as they are a spammer/scammer and they have been banned already.
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Known Contact Info
Franklin ohio
Asks for prepayment to ship from california.
Wants you to prepaid to get a shipment from california.
Scammer stole my bitcoin.
Please remove.
Alt account is Ashestoashes
I blacklisted this person then the site removed them and now they created a new account messaged me twice never even talked about meeting.
And now they are claiming I ripped them off when I didn’t. So in conclusion this sociopath is trying to trick support into thinking I’m a scammer when I’m not. Once again enjoy, GreenSkies*
Hope island
Same wicker I'd ston1ee all over the map either cops or a police imformant
Cops or police informant same account different names all over map
San Antonio
Wants pre pay then never shows up.
vendor behind ritchie brothers polk county
took my $ and called saying he was pulled by cops but never called back
Cash face to face
Or you will lose ya money
Only scammers want pre payment, real dealers use cash!!!!
Dear me f2f is a scam
Scammers have no product. Ask for proof. Scammers have no messages. They run out and take you outside of the site like Wickr.
If you really don’t want to get scammed only use gold leaf vendors which are premium vendors. We invest in ourselves. Scammers are cheap ripoffs.
West Yorkshire
asked for steam cards
asked for steam cards
West Yorkshire
asking for steam cards
asking for steam cards
Payed upfront then wouldn't contact.
Totally robbed.
Asked for payment upfront then never delivered. Fake af. All reviews are fake.
Avoid at all costs
To all my dummies
Pig 🐖 🥓 Cops especially
The truth will continue to be posted everyday as long as there are pigs and bud is illegal, it will never make sense to meet for cash. Your logic is flawed and spreading your propaganda does-
Nothing but incarcerate good people who are just looking for a good time/high. #First-time-f2f-cash-is-a-scam Forever and always you sacks of monkey 💩.
Nashville, TN
I paid this person through PayPal... and he never delivered. He sent a message assuring me he was on his way, then completely ghosted. The worst part is... I believed him. That's on me.
Fool me once...
Fake consumer
Def a cop or someone looking to get product by robbing.
Do not do business with this consumer def a scam.

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