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Known Contact Info
Meth head scammer
St Kilda Alma Rd
Tries to sell tissues wrapped in foil
Fuck me, you live here. Try
Meth head scammer
St Kilda
Meth head tried to sell tissues wrapped in foil. Current strains are Kleenex Dream and Sorbent Kush
Go suck some cock in Grey St like the other junkies.
Name changes daily
St Kilda Alma Rd
Tried to sell tissues wrapped in foil. Fucken brain surgeon
Try again dumb cunt
Gold Coast
Wickr name package
Asks for gift cards as payment and then doesn’t answer messages
Sydney / Bankstown
Dodgy dealers, basically grass and shit quality asian clippings
Stay away
stkilda meth heads
melbourne vic
he wanted to weigh in the car because that's where the robbery was to take place.
you dodged a bullet mate be happy and keep posting his aliases so other vendors dont fall prey
1-310-845-6562 google voice account
Scammed me for $100 they paypal
Seth (?)
Took advantage using Zelle, said he was headed my way and never showed up, deleted the conversation and profile. Seemed legit.
Michigan City
Didn’t deliver product now I’m out 180, blocked me on cell.
Possible scam
No backflip dick that wasn't written by me
Someone else wrote that entry I stand by what I keep saying you weighing in the car was the issue no money exchanged
Wickr- thegreatgazoo
Sells mouldy buds, uses photos that aren’t his, and overall is a guy you probably do not want to pick up off. Don’t waste your time or money on this guy. Plus he has no discretion when it com
Will ask pay up front and then not deliver
This individual admitted to being a scammer after being confronted
Johnson ia
I will try to get you to pay upfront and then will not deliver
When confronted the individual admitted to being a scammer
vendors in st kilda area
mental case on the loose
a brain dead cock who believes he has completed 2 university degrees has had his money stolen off him and is out for revenge
because he is so fucking intelligent he thinks non stop posting about it will fix it......nope moron your moneys gone like your fucking brain cells
All places
Hits me up and says he will only meet someone that isn’t black because he doesn’t want to be robbed.... told him to fuck off i’m White but have Black friends.
I would never serve this piece of subhuman shit what a racist person. Hope his ass gets robbed fucking hate racist people DO NOT SERVE.

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