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Avoid this people as they are a spammer/scammer and they have been banned already.
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Known Contact Info
Smash and grab
Robbed at gunpoint then blacklisted me.
Remove this two faced lying fuck!
Scammed, will ask for venmo!
Scammed, Don't fall for this douche
Athens, GA
Asks to contact via KIK user stevenrole, and various other alias
Wants money via bitcoin or western union or money gram. If you ask for w.unoun or moneygram they will push for bitcoin. I nearly made a purchase until I was asked to send western union to a
polk county
sent my money and he never showed up
once he saw the reciept of payment he never commentedback
Cook, IL
Cell is (312) 923-1068
Asks all first time buyers to pay upfront.
Aberdeen City
Just asking for gift cards, wire transfer etc. Claims to have loads of weed, then he asked where i was from, then he said 'cops' and no one says cops where i am from in the UK. When i called
Called me a cop when i called him a scammer
Venmo scam
Venmo scam
To the fuckwit
The leafedin blacklister
F2F with cash is fine when you do your research, simply telling everyone that all cash deals are a set up is way off the mark fella, speak about your own shit hole country only
The world IS NOT AMERICA, tho you cunts like tonight think you are. Plenty of legit cash dealers around the world, pity you can't find them in shit stain USA.
Cash face to face
Or lose your money........scammers are posting that cash meetings are all cops, not true people, its just scammers trying to push you their scamming way to rip you off
Believe the scam stories you read here, they are true, but the all cash deals are cops crap is just scamming propaganda or scammers covering up their own blacklisting
F2F people or get scammed
You will pay and then be ghosted like everyone else here has been, but according to sherlock we are all cops who deal in cash here, that's what scammers do spread fear.
would you give a stranger on the street cash to buy you pot without knowing who he is or where they live? Scamming Sherlock wants you to do just that...fucking wank stain.
5306413228 and 9704140887
Ask for gift cards. Def a scammer.
(720) 432-2635 is number. Demands payment upfront
(720) 432-2635 is number demands payment upfront
Learn to deal
Also learn to look at vendors. Look how old account is. Reviews. Look at where the reviews are from. How old those accounts are.
Most scammers are in Australia. I seen vendors here in USA and their reviews are from people in Australia. Those are all fake and scammers
Learn how to deal
If someone ask for pre payment like zelle, cashapp, Venmo. Don’t send unless you see product or the person. They can be parked next to you.
Scammers never try to verify people. Just want their money first. Have them send pics of product with your name on paper next to it. Scammers never have product
Demands upfront bank transfer. All reviews were created by accounts made the same month as seller account
Demands upfront bank transfer. All reviews were created by accounts made the same month as seller account

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