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Avoid this people as they are a spammer/scammer and they have been banned already.
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Scammer Alias
Known Contact Info
No menu, just photo ID with a number and wickr ID. (should've seen it coming, but needed it)
I told him the donation I was capable of and for the small amount; he asked for btc, and when the payment went through he said that his boss texted him saying he's not allowed to deliver for
Asks for money in steam cards then asks for 250 refundable delivery insurance in steam....
I very stupidly sent 100 in steam money to them and now will never get that back. Please do not trust. They have 20 5 star reviews but have all been made in 2 days... feeling like absolute sh
Manly West
Currently submitting fake emails for payment
offering a few strains
Lane, Oregon
Phone number: 6617246307
Do not trust this guy at all, one of the better scammers I've seen forsure.
Other names: Conrad, Daniel Rosbin Phone numbers: 530-641-3228 and 970-414-0887
Agreed to a meeting place, I waited. Then suddenly demands upfront payment before I even see him, in Bitcoin. I tell him I don't do crypto, he insists on Zelle. I am now out $260. Never texte
Hey sherlock
You retarded scamming fuckhole
He Made me send him $70 then said it didn’t go through and he wants gift cards now?? Sounds like another scam to me. You still going to tell everyone to prepay?....y
cash or get scammed don't pay attention to sherlock the scammer, he says he is posting scammers but legit vendors are being blacklisted too by him.
wickr: thirteen420
this guys are straight up scams, they'll wait for you to pay then latter ask for $100 insurance fee that was agreed upon originally
Good try scammers
I like how the scammers like to flood the blacklist with their f2f is cops bullshit and what not.
While moving down the stories of everyone who sent prepayment and for scammed for doing it. Gift card, steam card, bitcoin. It’s all a scale and scammers trying to hide it
Nice try scammers
Who ever this scammer is is putting a lot of effort. To get prepayment seem like the only way to deal.
I do cash, cashapp, Venmo no problem in front of people. Making it sound like an exchange isn’t as illegal lol wise up people
Smash and grab
All legit vendors
If you’re a so called legit vendor. That takes prepayment and believes f2f for cash is dumb.
Post your screen names so we can see who these so called real vendors are. I dare ya. Bet you can’t.
He is gang member and they rob suppliers drug and money his number was giving to me by a friend who is a victim of them . His number is 5712244448
Big gang thief
not to be trusted
will say he has anything you ask him for. He is a scammer. avoid.
Virginia Faquier
AsKs for prepayment
New Jersey
Scam alert
He asks for kryptocurrency and payment beforehand. Definitely looking to scam.

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