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Tyler Brandon
Colorado Springs
Aka Super Cannabis Store. Also connected with courier/shipping company ADB Express.
Very shady. Tells you shipping company needs 350 dollar deposit to deliver package to you. Scam.
Lakewood CO
Shady as fuck. Wants payment in bitcoin or iTunes cards. Messages back to say courier needs 350.00 dollars "insurance". Tries to threaten that your info might be turned over to cops.
Shady as fuck. Has a website that has to be fake. No way a real business would operate like that.
Lakewood CO
Supposedly part of "Super Cannabis Store"
Total scam. Wants payment in gift card, and claims that shipper requires a 350.00 "deposit" (after already adding shipping costs!) that will allegedly be refunded upon delivery of product. Sh
Savannah Georgia
Gave me the number 5625848019
Asked for a $200 amazon gift card no cash this guy is such a scam
Vero Beach
There are cops in Vero Beach Fl, who wised up using this site to get vendors to deliver to Vero Beach Florida area. If someone is insistent on you meeting in a specific place don’t go.
I Didn’t fall for the scam but my friend who dealt to them sadly but surely did get got in that area. He was arrested so look out for long crazy account names in Vero area or suggesting to me
Multiple Locations
wickr: magicstuff
Multiple Locations
Wicker: Xan420
I contacted this seller via Wickr after being on here. We arranged a plan and they wanted paying via bitcoin. We agreed to pay half because we didn’t want to be scammed out of loads. The plan
Their handle on Wickr is budsgroup11
Columbia SC
Texted me using phone number 614-996-5898
Requests that you purchase a steam gift card before he will send someone with the bud.
Scammer, will not deliver. Asks for payment in gift cards
Claimed to have ak47 Pennywise sour diesel and had two good reviews. Then asked for steam gift cards as I waited for him in a parking lot.
Wasted my time completely. Was aggressive over message and then when I waited for him for 50 minutes he aggressively pressed me to send him 150 bucks worth of steam codes while I waited for h
Worcester, MA
Unreliable, said he'd be available anytime and when I got to his neck of the woods he changed the time and when I called him out he insulted me, told me I'm a fucking cocksucker, and told me
6617246307 this is the number he contacted me with
Scammed me out of $50 and tried to get another $70. Do not trust
6617246307 this is the number he gave me watch for it
Scammed me for $50 and tried ro get another $70 never brought my bud
HD Visionz
Webster, MA
Has good quality stuff, but is flaky and keeps changing information last minute.
Keeps changing dates and times last minute, changes prices last minute, changes information; told me when we first met that he'd meet me halfway for a quarter, but then said the second time t
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