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Avoid this people as they are a spammer/scammer and they have been banned already.
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Scammer Alias
Known Contact Info
Either sells wet rubbish or makes you wait around at an agreed place and never shows up.
Also seems to think that any bad review is all coming from 1 guy called rastamouse. Don't know who he is but apparently we are the same person? This 1 definitely needs to put the cracky down
Fulton Country, GA
All communication is done through the website and they try to make you pay in advance through their "system".
They will try to make you pay in advance before they deliver. Honestly by the way they were writing (poor grammar, poorly structured sentences) made them seem like Nigerian scammers. Bett
westside buds
western sydney
bad scammer advertises A grade then when we meet up its c grade at best then gets angry when I wont buy it for 210 a half
total scammer trying to make profit on scummy Asian crud bud do not deal with if you like quality goods
Will ask for transferring money post which he will dispatch and deliver the product in 32 hours from US.
Assured with fake emails screenshot that he did really make deliveries.
Washinton, DC
Venmo username: James Mcconnell, Michael Horgan
Scammers. They sent meshady venmo payments in 20 dollar increments under the names "James Mcconnell" and ""Michael Horgan." Venmo flagged my account and said that these users were using unaut
cannabro & andrewsteak wickr accounts are rustamouse fake reviews on angel420xxxx
rustamouse harasses angel420xxxx and puts fake reviews on her account because he is a fucking lifeless jobless scammer
be careful of scammers. angel420xxxx is legitamate honest on time and sells awesome weed. has not taken down the fake reviews as promised from rustamouse fake accounts
980 354 4128 is their contact info!! Don't be scammed by these bullshitters they call you up say you got to pay with Bitcoin or gift card and then they call you back and say they need more mo
Don't be scammed by these bullshitters they call you up say you got to pay with Bitcoin or gift card and then they call you back and say they need more money before they can complete the orde
Name on wikr: Methods
Total loser
I dnno
I don't know
Multiple Locations
another black asshole scammer.....wants coins or cards before delivery which will ever happen
hey bob fuck you , HAD YOU PEGGED 1st message.....asshat
but i bet my left nut hes a black nigerian asshole
these fucks should be ass raped with a cactus
Sent me phone number with a standard greeting about what he sells. Proceeded to ask me where to drop off order. Then told me to pay by moneygram, bitcoin, or itunes giftcard for the first p
Definitely a scam. Don't fall for it boyz
Uses the msg app 'dust' goes by the name: 'Topboyghost'. Won't communicate on here, or elsewhere, otherwise.
As soon as you contact him - he asks for your real name and access to your social media profile. Then - if you don't give it - he curses you out. *COP ALERT*
Uses Wickr. Ads on craigslist
Theft of money, provided paper and plastic wrapped in aluminium foil.
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