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45 clairmont South Yarra
Resides in an appartment building unknown floor, 45 clairmont south Yarra across from the station.
Uses lock boxes for transactions.
Appearence is a short black male. Dark short hair with g
Bet hes fuckin locked up in his appartment looking for cops spying on him you pazzed cunt. I hope it's not the cops that get to you first because looks like a lot of customers are mad haha
sez australia but i think america
briankush91 is his wikka
completely pathetic if you ask me saw straight threw this guy quicker then Michael Jordan on a slam dunk stay away from this asshole you will lose your money I'm sure of it!
He usually asks you to contact on 240 419 6508 and ask to pay in Bitcoin for first timers.
He also mentioned about some boss but all that is a scam.
Block him
Block him
oklahoma city, ok
operated in northwest OKC
guy is dumb and knows very little about weed that he'snot even selling
austin texas
443-488-7532, 443-488-7532
goes by other handles as can be noted in other comments. insists on BTC / Amazon, will use other phone numbers / call you to try to convince you it's legit. Will insist on 1/2oz minimum order
Online order in CO
Seemed legit. I was an idiot for doing this anyway so i got what i deserved. However ripping people off goes against the entite culture. Sent $250 WU to FL, got emails of pickup, then
Not sure of his loaction
Says he is in Denver bit is on Oregon so he says im not sure of his location ... Then he wants met up asap..... sounds like law enforcement to me.
He is definitely playing some sort of game not exactly sure what it is but im not doing business with the law
I believe this guy is a police officer as soon as we started our conversation started he told me he has 200 lbs ... then oh I'm not in Denver as my profile says I'm actually in Oregon. Then
99% this is police officer DO NOT EVEN MESSAGE THIS PERSON
trying to bulk wants front
says he is working with the police
Says he is Denver then tells me he is in Oregon... When i told him I wouldn't do business without a met up.... Lol then he called me a SCAMMER.... Im not sure what his game is but he is
Im not sure what the deal is but je isnt on the up and up
asking to buy large quanities of cannabis ...wants you to front it in the mail
asking to buy large quanities of cannabis ...wants you to front it in the mail
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Wickr: CannaCouriers.
Reported here by competition.
This seller is legitimate. Scared competition are trying to hurt their bottom line. Anyone can post these for any reason. Do not trust this blacklist. Form your own.
Tulsa, OK
New Jersey Cell phone number
Obvious scamming 101. Agrees to cheapest price, only wants bitcoin before you receive the package, broken english. Tries to appeal to the pathos of weed when asking him about his common scam
New Jersey
Won't sell for cash. Wants iTunes card with code on back before meeting
Austin Tx
Unknown buyer who wants to buy cheap or blacklist your account
This fellow contacted me and wanted to buy cheap, discussed with me and gave tough payment medium and when refused to do his way he blacklist you account. Beware of him
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