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Melbourne, Australia
Advanced-Fee scammer, wanted to pay in bitcoins or gift cards
Their message: all payment are done via bitcoins or Steam gift cards or iTunes gift cards you can get the cards at any 7/11,Coles,woolies ,servo,petrol station or shopping center around you .
Austin Texas
2403072239 - Same alias as Rocky90. Wants some sort of sketchy online money order.
Probably fishing for identity theft.
Austin Texas
Will try and get you to send them money online. Connects you through google chats and asks for a money order
Some sort of identity/cc theft probably.
Zafer West
Doesn't respond to messages or emails after a while asking about products. Asks for Bitcoin, Western Union or MoneyGram payment up front.
North Carolina
Doesn't give you a straight answer on prices, delivery, or any claims to backup their legitimacy. Does not do cash for first delivery, only Bitcoin or iTunes gift cards. Was on WeBeHigh.o
asks for giftcards to be sent before anything 2482203460
Austin Texas
Pflugerville area - phone 512 840 9794
Does not show up for meet, no text message or notification. Next day phones 6 (!) times and leaves dozens of txt messages. I'm not sure if this person is a scammer or just unhinged.
asks 'how can I trust you?"
never been asked by another vender that question and I have met a dozen
Melbourne West Suburbs
Uses name CannaCouriers. Definite police set up against consumers.
Police sting / entrapment. Police officers were parked down street in odd spot. Person smelled like bacon. You get it.
King dabber
124 north 13th st Newark NJ was the address I met him at (prolly live nearby) spoke with him via text for about 3 days before finally feeling good about purchase, picked up, realized he g
F him right in the A.
All of AUS
topnotch24 on wickr
complete scammer, will try to convince you in any way he can to send him mol points or steam gift vouchers then says his runner got caught so you have to pay more
Advertises on craigslist
Scammer wants payment in bitcoin or steam giftcards. After a picutre of the giftcard is sent keeps you waiting with no product. Dont fall for it!
Email is
Easily biggest scammer on here. Watch out, will only ask for money before anything else, must be wired to him online or pictures sent from the receipt and serial numbers of the MOL money rece
Wikr name is topnotch24
He asked for only money transferred to his "bosses account" then only after he received all the money he got via MOL. Sent internationally will he then deliver. Not worth the risk, easy scam.
Goes by the name of topnotch24 on wicker.
Only accepts payment via MOL an international company for money transfers, from a 7/11 and only after he redeems the currency you store on the receipt will he deliver. Doesn't delivers then k

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