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Scammer Alias
Known Contact Info
Brisbane Queensland
Young guy early 20's
WARNING undercover police officer, is possing as buyer
Brisbane Queensland
Bloke tried to tell me wat I had given him didn't way up, i new for a fact it did, he sent me abusive and threatening msg all afternoon
The guy is not worth dealing with
Multiple Locations
Huntsville, AL
Bitcoin/gift card scam
dude tried to scam me to pay by bitcoin or gift card before delivery
Glen Burnie, MD
wants bitcoin upfront
messaged me out of the blue with real good strains. wants money upfront bitcoin.
+1 405-437-4598
Wants you to pay via bitcoin because he doesn't want to damage his reputation.. Fuckin lie!!! He's a Scammer..
Waz420, Bugger
Willking is his wickr id but has 2 accounts of leafed bugger, waz420
Another dumbass scammer who is trying to get people to send him money, this one actually thinks hes smart by creating 2 or 3 other accounts ahaha PATHETIC
dude below me
you shouldve known soon as bitcoin western union was sympathy for you
some people are too stoopid to use this site
Chris and Jack
+19803544128 is there number
Not a good experience for my first one with this site
Chris and Jack
Chesterfield, Richmond VA
Was 1st transaction with these people. Said $100 minimum. Said I had to pay first through gift card, western union, bitcoin, etc. After I did my part I was waiting for delivery WHICH NEVER
This was my first experince with the website and If this what this site is about, I'm telling everyone I know to leave this alone
Tribal smokers
Austin tx. Travis county
He wanted me to send money through bitcoin.
I openly got him to admit that he is a scammer while texting.
Maxi420(probably has other user names)
Phone number is (909)293-2260
First he asks how much you want and gives you a price. Then he says that he uses MoneyGram, but that he doesn't need a reference number. Then he calls back and says that his boss tells him
rustamouse accounts
rustamouse accounts - crime stoppers - blackrule - fukbunny - theunionjackass - multiple others. please put all known rustamouse accounts here to stop this scumbag.
Suspicious! !
This person offers a bonus for purchases of an oz the alarm bells rang. Also 1st w as wanted amazon cards then said there card account was having problems so wanted western union. Wouldn't be
multiple names most i blocked
he gets around the blocking by adding me to his cooked out rambles a psydo cryptic crack head b.s.
his a crack head and annoys like almost cute now when he sleeps. I know this because he made it his agenda to harass me when his awake.. .and on the psycho pipes.
double tap. 😊
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